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On January 31st  Jan de Gier,  founder of De Gier B.V. passed away at age 86.

Jan started his career working in greenhouse construction and greenhouse heating. Soon he started his own company in the heating industry. He was not impressed with the messy way people installed pipes in this branche. That should be done better and neater, he thought. Therefore he manufactured several types of hooks and braces to improve this. At first only for his own use but soon people in the industry started to notice. Graduallly his heating company became  an important supplier in horticulture.

He expended his product range with racks and motor gearbox systems. The shed behind his house, where he started 60 years ago, soon became too small. In 1985 he moved to  an industrial area in Wateringen. His company grew rapidly so by 1988 the building had already doubled in size.

Since then, De Gier B.V. has become a well known brand nationally and internationally. In 1998 the company moved again to a building measuring 3500m2. In 2017/2018 Jan was the proud witness to yet another expansion  of our current building.

Jan was very dedicated to the company. With the support of his family and staff he built a modern and global company.

We are grateful for his involvement and everything he has done for the company.


On behalf of the Management Board.

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